East Texas residents travel to help Hurricane Harvey victims

East Texas residents travel to help Hurricane Harvey victims
Photo: Olivia Castleberry.
Photo: Olivia Castleberry.

As the devastation continues in Houston, East Texans are gearing up to offer a helping hand on Tuesday. Many are making their journey to surrounding towns, such as Cleveland, Shepherd or Kingwood, saying the need is even greater to help victims, especially after the closure of connecting roads.

The Navarro family said they have three family members who have traveled from the Pineywoods to help with search and rescue of hurricane victims.

"Last night they helped them remove some elderly, family, and pets and get them situated. So that was neat, but then today they've started fresh, they're working in the Kingwood area at this point," said Jill Navarro, owner of Floor Unlimited.

Navarro said her two sons-in-law, her son and his friend are navigating the flooded waters, bringing people to dry land.

"The guys just talked and decided that they've go to go," Navarro said.

The family is using technology to track their whereabouts; it eases their worries with limited cell service

Another Huntington resident, with a group of people, volunteered his time since Monday in the Cleveland area where waters are rising.

"I was on a 300 people rescue team yesterday (Monday), and we also rescued a family on top of a house that we actually brought back to Livingston, and her and her husband brought them back to Nacogdoches," said Cody Smith, a Texas National Guard member.

The Lufkin Police Department has complied a growing list of ways locals can help victims, whether money or donated items at area drop boxes.

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Meanwhile, Polk County officials have ordered a mandatory evacuation for residents in low-lying area below Lake Livingston and along the Trinity River.

As for Navarro, she said when hearing of that devastation, there is peace in knowing that her family is lending a hand.

"It's nice to see their character rise up when they are not being paid for it," Navarro said.

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