Genealogy Conference Starts At Angelina College

Extensive research can be time consuming, difficult, and expensive, but when it comes to digging up information on your family's history, it doesn't have to be. It can even be fun.

Patrice Lemmons said, "I wanted to trace my family lineage because I had my first grandbaby and I'm so proud of her that I want to share this with her."

During the annual Genealogy Conference at Angelina College, new and veteran researchers are learning the best way to trace their roots. Whether its through county records, a genealogy center or a public library, there's more than one way to track down your ancestors.

Professional genealogist, Trevia Wooster Beverly, said, "Of course, you have to begin with yourself and go right back through your direct bloodline. A lot of people will want to do it over the Internet and there's nothing wrong with doing it, as long as you also prove what you're getting off of the Internet."

Genealogical research can take weeks, months or even years, depending on how far back in time you want to go and how much information you find.

Verna Odena said, "It's like a detective - one clue leads to another - and it's very, very addictive; at least in my case it has been."

Genealogy is no longer about sitting in front of a stack of paperwork for hours a day, staring at old files. For local researchers, it's now the best way to get informed about your family's history.

You can sign up for the Genealogy Conference Friday or Saturday in the Community Services Building or Hudgins Hall at AC. You can also register at