Tyler County flooding rises with release of dam waters

Tyler County flooding rises with release of dam waters

TYLER COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Tyler County isn't a stranger to flooding, but the massive amounts of water released from Dam B, Wednesday, left many people, like Arthur McInnis, with empty hands.

"We can't get to our house," said McInnis. "The water started yesterday. They let 82 feet of water in here from the dam. And, it just took our house."

A low lying neighborhood only a few miles away from the dam had already been moderately flooded, by the storms rain. But, the dam's water pushed the levels over multiple roofs, that had been home to an entire community.

"Just heart broke, you know," said McInnis. "We've been living down here for a year, and we're kind of a community down here. You know, and we try to look after one another. It's just heartbreaking for everybody."

Rescue efforts, conducted by volunteers and game wardens, continued Thursday. According to local fire fighter, Kirby Abshere, many of those rescued were elderly, who were either unable or unwilling to evacuate.

"We tried telling people to get out, but they didn't want to," said Abshere. "They said they ain't seen it flood since 1989, so now it happened."

With all the flooding that went on in Houston, McInnis said that he was surprised by the county's response to the storm.

"I think they could have been a little bit more prepared and took it a whole lot more serious because nobody did," said McInnis. "They didn't think it was going to be this bad. I didn't think it was going to be this bad. But, you can see behind me that it's terrible.

For now, people are being told to stay out of dangers waters.

"Just be safe and don't go out in that current," said Abshere. "It's definitely flooded the whole area."

As of Thursday, the dam was still open and releasing water.

The corps of engineers have yet to say when the gates will be closed.

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