Volunteers needed at temporary Lufkin shelter housing animals rescued from Hurricane Harvey

Volunteers needed at temporary Lufkin shelter housing animals rescued from Hurricane Harvey
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Over the weekend, several East Texans made numerous animal rescues from across the state for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

As of Wednesday, those animals are without homes and or their families. Wendy's Misfits Animal Rescue and Gentle Giants of Texas organizations are setting up a facility in Lufkin to house the 60 or so animals.

"It's horrible. A lot of them had been spending a lot of time of the water. Some of the owners lost everything. The best thing they could do is surrender their dogs. We actually have here some owner surrenders as well," said Clayden Broyles, a volunteer.

One volunteer is teaming up with several others to build small track for dogs to run. Clayden Broyles said compared to what the animals were experiencing just days ago, the animals are enjoying a better day.

"Dogs inside can get a little bit of exercise instead of being cooped up in the crates all day," Broyles said.

Another volunteer, Taylor Blackshear, uprooted from her home from Forth Worth to move into the facility. She said it's her calling to take care of the animals throughout the day.

"It was amazing to be able to have this opportunity to help all these animals and be here," Blackshear said. "I feel like they've done me a favor letting me help everybody. "

While each of these dog rescues have their own dramatic story from Hurricane Harvey, the volunteers have said they need lots of help walking, feeding, or even simply interacting with the dogs.

"There's still much more that we need help with volunteers," Broyles said. "Because our biggest concern is yeah, it starts out strong, but come a week, two weeks later, we're afraid the momentum's going start going away."

The temporary facility, called the Animal Rescue Center houses currently 48 dogs, including 10 animals in foster homes: two kittens, two donkeys and six chickens.

"The next day you're not promised it, and so if you can do the best that you can for somebody else or make them smile that day or make these animals to feel good that day, then it's just one more step for a good life for them," Blackshear said.

The facility said they are in need of volunteers for the rest of the month or even longer.

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