East Texas family narrowly escapes Hurricane Irma

East Texas family narrowly escapes Hurricane Irma

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - An East Texas family said they left during Hurricane Harvey but couldn't escape from another hurricane which followed right after.

Hurricane Irma made its way to Florida where the Corrigan family said they left behind strong winds, heavy rains, and high waters -- results of Hurricane Harvey.

"Originally it was always going to be on this week. It just so happens the week before we left Hurricane Harvey decided to come play and then the week we were getting there Hurricane Irma was like 'Oh hi we're going to hang out while we're there'," said Jade Wilson.

Making their way to Florida a week ago, the family only found themselves having to turn around after warnings of Hurricane Irma.

"Everyone that I know was messaging me to leave now, go ahead and leave and I tried to assure everybody that I wouldn't get stuck if it got bad I would get the kids and we would leave," said Kelly Lawson, mother.

As they heeded the warnings of Hurricane Irma, they cut their trip short, narrowly escaping another hurricane.

"And when I finally left and got on the interstate, there were so many cars," Lawson said.

The family said it took them nearly 16 hours from Orlando to Tallahassee, where normally it would take 3 hours.  

Meanwhile, in Nacogdoches, a Vidor man taking shelter at the Civic Center said he was forced out of his home because of Hurricane Harvey.

"I lost everything I had, it wasn't much, but it's gone," said Larry Horn, an evacuee. 

But now he's making one plea.

"I have a daughter in Florida, who I'm worried about. I have no way to reach her and her name is Heather Horn," Horn said.

The man is hoping his plea reaches his daughter so that they can connect.

As for the family who nearly escaped two hurricanes, they said they are glad to see first responders heading into Florida as they left.

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