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Gift of Love: Jesse, Lisa and Brandon

Jesse Jesse
Lisa Lisa
Brandon Brandon
These 3 siblings need the Gift of Love These 3 siblings need the Gift of Love
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We had a fun afternoon with ice cream! Painting ice cream at the Tyler Art School. Siblings Jesse, Lisa and Brandon would love more than anything to find a forever family that will keep all three of them together. Jesse is in the 4th grade and loves everything about school.

"Science and reading and writing," Jesse said.

Jesse says he hopes to be a soldier one day and help protect his country. This 9-year-old also enjoys the outdoors.

"Play football and soccer," Jesse said.

Jesse will do well with a family who can offer him patience and consistency as he deals with his emotions surrounding his past.

Younger sister Lisa is in the 1st grade. She is bright and enjoys school. Lisa does well in her classes and enjoys arts and crafts. She has aspirations to one day be a Disney Princess, specifically Elsa from the movie Frozen.

"Because you get to freeze everything", Lisa said."

This 6-year-old also likes being active and playing outside.

"Play gymnastics," Lisa said.

Like most girls her age, Lisa enjoys playing dress-up!

Make-up, looking pretty, Lisa said.

Brandon is a kind and energetic young boy who likes playing outdoors and coloring. Brandon gets along well with others and is a happy child. His favorite part of Kindergarten is a special T.V. show they get to watch.

"Watching Magic School Bus," Brandon said.

Brandon, along with his siblings hope to find a committed family with an active lifestyle, who enjoys being involved in activities outside the home and in the community. All three children say there is one place they all love to visit.

"Going to Splash Kingdom," Brandon said.

They truly look forward to being together with a loving and supportive forever family who can provide and assist them in reaching their dreams. A family that can show Jesse, Lisa and Brandon the Gift of Love.

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