Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 09/14/07

La Braza at 3714 South Street: 19 demerits for chicken hot hold at wrong temperature, back flow preventer needed for outside hose, foods not kept closed in coolers, use-by dates needed, walls, floors, and equipment not kept clean and sanitary, entrances and exits needed to be weather-proofed, one knife needed to be discarded because it wasn't smooth and easily, to-go plates and utensils stored improperly, all non-contact surfaces not kept clean and sanitary, shield guards needed for several lights, back of property needed to be cleaned up, unnecessary items needed to be removed, and floors, wall, or ceiling tiles not in good repair.

Dickey's Barbecue 3505 South Street, Suite A: 12 demerits for prep cooler at wrong temperature, hot water needed in women's and men's restrooms, leak at back hand wash sink needed to be repaired, weather-proofing needed for all entrances and exits, scoops not stored properly, vents not kept clean, dumpster lids not kept closed, area around dumpsters not kept clean, floors or wall areas weren't smooth and easily cleanable, missing or damaged ceiling tiles, and roof leaks needed to be repaired.

Dairy Queen at 3121 North Street: 8 demerits for date marking needed, visible thermometers not provided for all coolers and freezers, scoops needed to be replaced, vents not kept clean, trash behind dumpsters needed to be cleaned, floors, wall, or ceiling tiles not in good repair.
Pupuseria El Pampero at 721 North University: 7 demerits for spray bottle not labeled, one canned food product needed to be pulled, and use-by dates needed.

Stripes Convenience Store at 3104 North University Drive; 7 demerits for back flow preventer for outside hose, several pre-packaged foods needed to be discarded, and thermometers needed for all coolers and freezers.

KFC at 3007 North Street: 6 demerits for hot water in men's bathroom needed to be repaired, paper towels needed for men's bathroom, vents not kept clean, and wall or floor areas not kept smooth and easily cleanable.

Taco Bueno at 1821 North Street: 5 demerits for log book not kept for salsa bar temperatures, water-damaged ceiling tiles needed to be replaced or repaired, and dumpster lids not kept closed.

Appleby Sand Road Depot at 3023 Appleby Sand Road: 4 demerits for paper towels needed at hand ash sink, vents not kept clean, and water-damaged ceiling tiles needed to be repaired.

Walmart Supercenter deli and grill at 4810 North Street: 3 demerits for one slice-meat product needed to be discarded and floor areas that weren't smooth and easily cleanable needed to be repaired.

Donut Express at 624 Northeast Stallings Drive: 3 demerits for backflow preventer needed for outside hose.

Subway at 933 North University Drive: 3 demerits for ice scoop not kept in clean container, vents not kept clean, and scattered bags and trash near dumpster needed to be picked up.

Pizza Hut at 3102 North University Drive: 2 demerits for test strips not registering.

Walmart No. 163 Fuel Center at 4808 North Street: 0 demerits.