State Lawmakers Want Public's Input

Texas lawmakers were back in session Monday in Austin. They're still trying to agree on a way to fund public education.

There were three bills on the floor Monday. They included issuing tuition revenue bonds to help Texas universities expand, pay increases for district and state judges, and competition in the telecom industry.

Tuesday, legislators will once again talk about paying for education. Some lawmakers believe the public should also be more involved in the planning process.

State Representative Jim McReynolds said, "They are not holding public hearings on any of these bills. While there have been hearings, we need more hearings, because we're terribly divided in the legislature on these issues. They're vitally important that we get them right. Obviously, what we do to our public schools determines the future and outcome of Texas."

McReynolds said the education bill that did not pass in the last special session was full of "fatal flaws" that would've caused East Texas schools to lose money.