Nacogdoches Police Officer Now Called A Hero

A Nacogdoches police officer is being called a hero. He pulled an elderly man from a burning pickup.

Officer Brent Handy and his partner were coming back from an alarm call early Sunday morning when they saw a pickup that had struck a fence along East Starr.

To their amazement, the driver of the truck got back on the road. Once the truck finally stopped again, Handy approached the driver's door. That's when he realized this wasn't an ordinary situation.

"On my way up I could see fire dripping out of the bottom of the car, where the oil pan would be. And as I approached the vehicle I noticed that the cab of the truck was completely filled with smoke, and when I saw the driver was unconscious and slumped over I knew at that point this was something we had to move pretty quick on."

The officer realized the truck driver was probably suffering from some sort of medical condition.

He was taken to Memorial Hospital.

Officer Handy says he believes any officer would have acted the same way, and they were just at the right place at the right time to help.