Community rallies behind newborn after overcoming obstacles left behind by Hurricane Harvey

Community rallies behind newborn after overcoming obstacles left behind by Hurricane Harvey
(Source: KTRE)
(Source: KTRE)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - When Crystal and Shane Sepulvado learned they were pregnant with their third child, they were ecstatic.

But immediately Crystal knew something was not right, as she relied on her experience working at an OB-GYN office.

"When we looked at the ultrasound, we has seen fluid around her heart," Crystal said.

Doctors later explained to the couple that their unborn child had a hole between her ventricles. With an early pregnancy, the couple was rushed to Houston, where their little girl, Remi, was born. However within minutes of being born, another complication rose, where Remi couldn't breathe.

"When we're in there, they're talking about bringing her to surgery, emergency surgery and I'm thinking 'no you're not', because I gotta have my wife, because we make decisions together, we're married," Shane said.

Now being at two different hospitals, and their two boys back home in Lufkin, the family was stretched apart.

"This may sound cliché or whatever, but I was able to fall in love again with my husband because it was so hard that I couldn't be there but I'd seen him at his strongest," Crystal said.

Soon another unexpected challenge just when both were deciding to return home. Hurricane Harvey had brought in a lot of water causing massive floods.

"We were ready to get home, but there just no avenue, every road was under water," Crystal said.

As time went on, the couple, hoping to stay connected with friends and family, soon created a Facebook page called Rally for Remi.

While Remi was still on the ventilator, the couple started worrying about electricity.

"Concern for us, was power loss and the generators getting wet," Shane said.

Luckily Texas Children 's Hospital was prepared in advance, and eventually after the rains stopped, the family was able to return home to a community which offered a huge emotional support.

"Someone that small could reach so many, but that's when you realize that life's a special gift," Shane said.

The couple is hoping baby Remi will be able to return home some time in October.

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