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Gift of Love: Julie and Jade

These sisters are looking for a forever family. These sisters are looking for a forever family.
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It was an afternoon of pampering at Le Nails for sisters Julie and Jade. Together they hope to find a family to call their own.

Julie says she enjoys school where she is in the 8th grade and especially loves math. She loves school especially Math. Julie says she just has one big wish.

"I want to meet Luke Bryan. Is he you favorite singer? Yes," Julie said.

This 14-year-old is involved with her church youth group and enjoys going on outings with the church. Julie also likes to be outside.

"Play catch" Julie said.

As for her future, Julie hopes to attend college one day and pursue a career in public service.

"Police officer, "Julie said.

Julie hopes to find a family that lives in the country.

"I'd really like a mom and a dad. I don't really care about the siblings. I mean I'd love to have them," Julie said.

Older sister Jade is an outgoing young lady. She enjoys make-up, photography, and art. Jade performs well overall in school where she is a freshman in high school.

"Art is my favorite," Jade said, "That I can draw. I am not a horrible drawer. I can draw," Jade said.

This 15-year-old has a lot of love to offer her forever family. Some of her goals and wishes include completing high school and going on to photography school. Jade's desire is a career in art and photography.

"Read, listen to music and watch movies," Jade said.

While she likes to read all kinds of books, she does have a favorite series!

"My favorite book is Vampire Diaries," Jade said.

As for their forever family, Julie wants someone that will commit to taking both of the girls. She says, "we are a package deal".

"I wouldn't care what color they were. I would want a mom and a dad because I didn't grow up with a mom and a dad. I grew up with just my mom and grandma," Jade said.

These girls need a family that is supportive of allowing them to follow their goals and dreams while helping to mold them as they grow into adulthood. Most importantly, Julie and Jade need a family that will show them the Gift of Love.

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