United Way Announced Fundraising Goal

The United Way of Angelina County kicked off this year's fundraising campaign.

Organizers met Thursday morning to talk about some big changes and new additions. There are several new agencies on board.

X-Change Place, The Angelina Alliance for Children, and The Hope Center of North Lufkin will join 20 other East Texas groups who benefit from the United Way.

This will impact the budget, but despite a sluggish economy, the United Way can always count on Angelina County for help.

Campaign chair, Yana Ogletree, said, "There are several things that will impact the budget process, but we hope to have another great year with Angelina County. Every year, Angelina County has always come through, despite what is going on economically, to support United Way and the many deserving agencies."

The United Way's new goal is $640,000.