Angelina County tax statement motto change causes controversy

Angelina County tax statement motto change causes controversy

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Over the weekend, residents in Angelina County opened their mail to find their annual tax statements where many noticed a change.

In the center of the statement were four news words "Believers Serving Our Citizens" replacing the previous motto "In God We Trust". Those four words have brewed some controversy.

For several years, residents in Angelina County have received tax statements with the printed motto: In God We Trust - words some in Angelina County are passionate about including a pastor at Faith Family Church Leo Lytle.

"It's my intention to keep that motto as our motto and any place that we have it available where it can be displayed, display it. Not remove it, but promote it," Lytle said.

But since taking office this year Tax Assessor Billie Page decided to make a change.

"All of my envelopes, all of my receipt envelopes and all my mail, my statement envelopes, everything, they've had Believers Serving Our Citizens since January first," Page said.

A new motto that has upset many folks who voiced their opinion on Sheriff Greg Sanches' Facebook post.

"In these days, right now where we're having all the trouble with people taking the knee in sporting events for the anthem and we're seeing our country slowly being torn apart, I think the last thing that we need to do is to remove the motto In God We Trust off of anything in our own community," Lytle said.

On Tuesday, Page received numerous calls and confrontations where she explains her intentions are not driven by politics.

"This is the first time I've gotten any kind of flack for it. I've not meant to offend anyone, but it's not politically motivated. It's my motto," Page said.

A motto retired pastor Vic Bass addressed in person to Page voicing his concerns.

"You cannot spend a coin in America today that does not have In God We Trust in it. In our tax statement, it had In God We Trust now it's been changed. I'm not upset with Ms. Page but she made a mistake and I simply said to her if you make a mistake you correct it," Bass said.

Page said she plans to discuss the motto with the staff. If the whole team thinks it should be changed, they will reconsider.

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