Jasper and Orange Counties investigate murder-suicide

Jasper and Orange Counties investigate murder-suicide
Paul Adams. Source: Facebook
Tristan Dilley. Source: Facebook
Tristan Dilley. Source: Facebook

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - The Jasper County Sheriff's Office released new information Thursday, regarding the murder-suicide of two teenagers in Jasper and Orange counties.

According to a press release, officers with the Jasper County Sheriff's Office responded to a call, where they then found the body of 14-year-old, Tristan Dilley. She appeared to have died from a gunshot to the head. The main suspect, 19-year-old, Paul Adams, shot himself, further into the investigation

In an interview, Jasper County Sheriff, Mitchell Newman, detailed events, from start to finish.

"During the investigation, of course, they got her cellphone," said Newman. "And, one of the first things you go looking at is last contact she had."

It was discovered that Dilley had been having some form of relationship with Adams. Texts on the day of Dilley's death, revealed that Adams would meet up Dilley, at her house, after her mother left.

Adams' cellphone activity was tracked and placed him in the vicinity of Dilley's house, during her death.

Texas Ranger Ryan Clendennen joined the investigation and spoke to Adam's family. It was at this time that Adams' called his mother and spoke with Clendennen.

While tracking the call, Adams told Clendennen that he was with Dilley, when a strange man walked into the house. Adams stated that he hid and heard the man shoot Dilley. Clendennen then heard the sound of a gunshot, followed by a "gurgling".

Using the location of Adam's phone, at the time of the call, law enforcement were able to find Adams, alive, on Farm to Market Road 1135, near Vidor in Orange County.

Officers then approached Adams, but were unable to stop him from taking a nearby gun and killing himself with it.

Jasper County Chief Deputy, Glenn Blank, described what was found inside a tent and Adams' truck.

"That (the tent) is where they found some hatchets and in the backseat of the car was the weights, dumbbell weights, like to weigh down the burlap sacks," said Blank.

According to Blank, burlap sacks, a case of water, and multiple MRE meals were found in the trunk of Adam's truck.

Eight pairs of handcuffs, dumbbell weights, and duct tape were then found in the front seat of Adams truck.

"Not only did he have the handcuffs, but he also had the chains to use them as shackles," said Blanks.

Newman stated that, at this time, they don't have an official motive.

A phone call, received this week by Jasper County Sheriff's office, revealed to law enforcement that this case wasn't the first time that Adams had appeared violent.

"Yesterday or the day before we had a girl call in and say that she had filed a report on him in August," said Newman. "And, that she was trying to rent a house, and he had come on to her pretty strong."

Further investigation into Adams' past turned up a college friend, at Lamar Institute of Technology, who stated to law enforcement that he had cut ties with Adams, after witnessing his aggression toward girls.

Results on the autopsies of both bodies had not been released, as of Thursday.

According to Newman, the ballistics test on Adams' gun could take up to six months to yield results.

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