Pass Out Game Is The Newest Way To Get High

The pass out game is exactly what it sounds like: hold your breath or stop breathing for as long as you can, trying not to pass out. The purpose: to get high. The high comes from too much carbon dioxide.

There's also something else kids are after when they intentionally choke themselves or get choked.

Woodland Heights physician, Hanzy Bustamante, said, "It makes them feel woozy and [like they're] floating in air. I believe, for kids, it can be something that they want to experiment with, but some people would actually, during the course of sexual intercourse, try to suffocate the partner to induce some pleasures."

There can be dangerous consequences to the pass out game, including damage to vessels in the neck. This damage can cause a blood clot, and if you cut off blood supply to the brain, even death.

"You can have what we call an anoxic brain injury, that means the brain will be unable to get the oxygen it needs and eventually you'll get what we call a cerebral vascular accident, or the brain will die and you will die."

Kids with healthy immune systems have a brain mechanism that forces them to breathe again. Others can hold their breath until they lose consciousness from carbon dioxide buildup, and later wake up. No matter who you are, playing the pass out game carries a big risk.