How Trump's health care change will affect East Texans

How Trump's health care change will affect East Texans
Source: KTRE

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A key aspect of the Affordable Care Act, also known as "Obamacare", was taken out by an executive order from President Trump, Thursday.

On Friday, those involved in the health care business in East Texas, like broker Jim Todd, took a look at the affect the change will have.

"Most of the people in Angelina County that have bought individual insurance through the market are not getting a subsidy either for the premium or the deductible," said Todd.

He explained that the reason this change will be felt so little, by his customers and others nearby, is due to the health insurance companies that serve Angelina County and other nearby counties.

"We have very limited offerings that we can show them right now, if they come in and want an individual policy," said Todd.

For SFA student, Ethan McBride, this fact and Trump's action left him worried for his friends.

"For at least a third of people here on campus, that I know, they have no options," said McBride. "They have no one to turn to."

Many of the country's students rely on the health insurance of their parents until they age out at 26. But, that's not an option for everyone.

"If something bad happens, all they can do is go to the emergency room, for that base level of care," said McBride. "And, then have no way to pay for it afterward."

Robin Moore is the CEO of East Texas Community Health Services, which provides health care for a large number of East Texas. She said that she sees a similar future to the one that McBride described.

"It's pretty much guaranteed that people will go back to utilizing ERs and things like that, that are really an expensive way to get health care," said Moore. "It's hard enough to get healthcare in many places if you're low income. And, if you have a low income and you combine that with, excuse me, cruddy insurance, it makes me tremendously disappointed."

The executive order also allowed for insurance companies to sell across state lines.

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