Chireno ISD superintendent: Investigation still ongoing after student found with weapon

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

CHIRENO, TX (KTRE) - Tim Norman, the Chireno ISD superintendent, released a statement in response to reports that a student brought a gun to one of the district's campuses Tuesday.

According to the statement, Chireno ISD did not go into "lock down" because the weapon was secured immediately.

"This instance in our investigation we were able to isolate that it wasn't necessary to do that (lock down). We felt if it (school district) would have been (needed) I would have locked it down," Norman said.

Norman emphasized his office is always open.

"I want to communicate an event that occurred Tuesday, October 2017 and provide as much clarity as possible," Norman said in the statement. "Late Tuesday afternoon, it was reported to administration that a student was in possession of an illegal weapon. Administration conducted an investigation and secured our students, personnel, and property. Law enforcement was notified, and all policies and procedures were followed."

Norman continued by saying that he wanted to commend the district's students and staff for reporting the weapon and his administration for the thoroughness of its investigation.

"Please rest assured, at no time do we believe any person or persons were in immediate danger," Norman said. "We will always take safety first at Chireno ISD."

Norman also said that they secured the district's perimeter and that the incident was addressed immediately after administrators were notified that a student had a gun. He added that the investigation is still ongoing at this time.

However, many parents said their concern is that they first found out about the incident through social media posts.

"No parent wants to wake up and see this on Facebook. No parent wants to think what if that was my child. No parent want to sit down and think well this kid did, who's going to be next?" said Mindy Harmon, a parent.

Another parent said more action needed to be taken.

"You cannot assume anything when it comes to the lives of people. You cannot take that risk and them being the superintendent and principal of that school, they made a decision, and yes fortunately, it turned out to be good," said Debra Pitts, a parent.

In addition, the administration notified its faculty and staff and told them how to prepare and answer questions from students.

"Ultimately, what I would like everyone to know is that every decision that we made through this entire investigation was in the best interest of safety and best interest of all students," Norman said.

Chireno ISD also notified students' parents via the district's automated phone system at 8 a.m. Wednesday and mailed letters explaining the incident to students' homes.

"We did not go into 'lock down' because the weapon was immediately secure," Norman said in the statement. 'Based on our investigation, the incident was isolated and the individual was located in my office."

The details of the incident were immediately turned over to the Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office. All of Chireno ISD's board members were notified as well.

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