Manager, customers at Central Heights Brookshire Bros Express jubilant about Powerball winner

Manager, customers at Central Heights Brookshire Bros Express jubilant about Powerball winner

CENTRAL HEIGHTS, TX (KTRE) - Employees and regulars at a Central Heights Brookshire Brothers Express are having fun just knowing the community store is where some lucky customer came away a $2 million Powerball winner on Wednesday night.

They're proud for the winner, even though they may never know the person's identity.

On Wednesday the lottery representative made a visit at the Central Heights Brookshire Brothers Express. He pulled manager Carol McLeod aside and said ...
"I have something I need to tell you," McLeod said. "Well, I automatically think, 'Oh my goodness, it's probably something bad.'"

Not at all. McLeod was among the first to learn a store customer won a $1 million at Powerball.

"I just yelled, 'a million dollars!'" McLeod said.

Containing the excitement was impossible, particularly after learning the Powerball winner had also bought a $1 bonus ticket that doubled the winnings.

"It just kept getting better and better as the day progressed," McLeod said.

The winner hadn't come forward, but employees sure heard from a lot of other good-humored customers.

"It's kinda like kids in school. They raise their hand and say, 'It was me. It was me,' and just cut up with us about it," McLeod said. "We've had a lot of fun with it, as well as it being a great thing for somebody."

A new law protects the identity of lotto winners if they so choose. Brookshire Brothers has their own policy about the $20,000 it receives for selling the winning lotto ticket.

"We do take a percentage of the winnings and give a cash bonus to the manager, assistant manager, then that store person who has the primary touchpoints with the lottery program," said Sally Alvis, a spokeswoman for Brookshire Brothers.

McLeod has lots of customers who regularly buy the tickets. She's wanting the latest big dollar winner to be a regular customer.

"I hope it's somebody local," McLeod said. "Somebody that we see all the time. It would thrill me, really, I would be very happy for them."

The Central Heights Brookshire Brothers Express has been selling lotto tickets since 2004.

This is the store's first big ticket sale and the corporation's first million-dollar winner.

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