Lufkin reaction to toy recall, choking hazard

Lufkin reaction to toy recall, choking hazard

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A total of 19 wind-up, musical animals have been recalled from stores like Target and Walmart, because of choking hazard concerns. The wind-up mechanism was found to easily detach and caused some consumers to file reports.

Here in East Texas, mother of three, Emily Havard, said that she pairs variety with caution, when it comes to toy shopping.

"With Jordan only being 1, I have to kind of look to make sure it's not a choking hazard," said Havard. "I mean, it can be hard because Jackson's only 7, and he really likes to play with LEGOs. So, I'm careful with that, and, if if he gets any little pieces, I make him play at a table, in a room, with his door shut."

The recent recall of wind-up toys came from the distributor, Kids Preferred. But, Havard doesn't put all the blame on the company.

"With the younger kids, they try to limit with the choking hazards, but kids are kids, and they want to put anything in their mouth," said Havard. "So, you really have to watch them."

Tracie Brown, the Trauma Program Manager at Woodland Heights Medical Center, said that children choking will always be a major issue.

"So, for a child or infant, their airways are the size of a ring finger and there are a lot of things that could occlude that, whether it's a small piece of a toy, a small bite of food," said Brown.

Even if the infant or child survives choking, they could still have lasting damage.

"And, when you lose supply to the lungs, and you lose air movement, you also lose circulation and blood profusion to the brain tissue," said Brown. "Even a loss of blood flow to the brain and the lungs for a few minutes can actually cause permanent brain damage."

According to Brown, some attempts to help will only make the situation worse.

"But, you never ever do a finger sweep or stick your finger or hand if you cannot visibly see an object," said Brown. "You risk pushing it further down into the airway and worsening the situation."

All 19 versions of the toy were not found at the Walmart and Target locations in Lufkin.

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