Little League World Series gear stolen from 'Thundering Thirteen' players

Little League World Series gear stolen from 'Thundering Thirteen' players
Source: KTRE

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - According to a police report and multiple Facebook posts, two players from the 'Thundering Thirteen' Little League Baseball team had gear from the Little League World Series stolen from them.

Kolby Kovar was getting ready to go to a middle school baseball game, yesterday morning, when his mom, Stephanie Kovar, discovered that his World Series backpack, with his cleats and batting gloves, had been stolen from their car.

"I went to social media and made a post and hoped that somebody would stand up and bring it back," said Stephanie Kovar.

Little League Baseball distributed the merchandise at the world series and the designs change every year, making the backpack truly irreplaceable.

"It was just like family," said Kolby Kovar. "It was like my mom and dad. It was just like another brother or sister to me."

But, Kovar wasn't the only one stolen from. Chip Buchanan, also of the thundering 13, had accidentally left his world series helmet with Kovar's backpack.

"That's just pieces of what we went through this summer and what we worked for," said Buchanan. "And, for it to be taken away like that, it's just, it's hard."

And, this isn't the first time this has happened to Buchanan.

"The TSA, when we got home, there was a little tag that said that his luggage had been searched," said Heather Buchanan. "No jersey. His actual jersey that he had played all his games in, that means everything, was gone."

Kovar's family are hopeful for the return of the merchandise.

"So, hopefully we can get the word out and get it back," said Stephanie Kovar. "Because this is something that's special to him."

The crime has affected both boys in more ways than one.

"Everybody's been great everywhere and for that to happen," said Chip Buchanan. "I mean, its just kind of hard because I thought everybody everywhere was in support of us and that we had everybody's support. And, it was great. But, it made me feel like people don't care."

A report has been filed with the Lufkin Police Department, who said that they are already investigating the case.

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