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Buckner Children and Family Services highlights single-parent program with homecoming

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For many of those who would end up going through Family Pathways program at Buckner Children and Family Services, the program was the last resort for them and their children. 

Yolanda Pickett graduated from the program in 2011.

"I decided that, I had a four year old and a twelve year old, and I knew I wanted to work because I've always worked, but I wanted to go back to school," said Pickett.

The Family Pathways program provides single parents with housing, childcare, and education. Brenda Dunn was a large part of that support network for twenty years, before retiring.

"After talking to Ms. Dunn, I was already a self-sufficient type person, but she really helped me to just see more into the plan that I had for myself and my children," said Pickett.

According to Brenda Dunn, the program, as well as Buckner International, is based in faith-first ministry.

"The main thing that I wanted them to know was that, they're on a journey, and where they are on the journey, is exactly where they're supposed to be," said Dunn. "And, that they have value and worth, and that they're precious in God's sight."

Family Pathways has extended to 8 cities and has helped close to six thousand people, in the last twenty years.

"They just really inputted and embedded more love, the things that Jesus taught us, to be able to be servants," said Pickett. "And, that's basically what they did."

Current member, Kayla Simpson, said that she dreams of being a parole officer and making her daughter proud of her.

 "I've learned that my child is amazingly smart and I need to cherish every moment because it goes by so fast," said Simpson.

The program is also available in Amarillo, Conroe, Dallas, Houston, Longview, Lubbock, and Midland. Those interested can contact Buckner Children and Family Services and fill out an application.

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