Coaches Taking Precautions During Practices In The Heat

by Jessica Cervantez

For many high school programs, Monday was the first day of football practice. A lot of younger players are also taking part in football camps.

With three heat-related deaths last year, coaches are taking extra precautions to keep players safe from the dangers of hot weather.

Mike Waters, the Lufkin High School head athletic trainer, said, "We always make sure the athletes have plenty of water and we never deny them water."

Coaches don't have to tell the athletes twice, they look forward to their water breaks.

High school football players sometimes have no choice but to practice in the heat of the day. But, coaches do take extra precautions to keep their players safe, especially in the wake of recent heat-related deaths.

Waters said, "It's hard because in the morning, it's more humid, and in the afternoon, there's more heat."

Players are being watched closely for any signs of heat related problems. The coaches know the importance of water breaks and rest. They don't want to take chances.

Waters said, "During the summer, we encourage the athletes to get acclimated to the weather. They need to go outside, the don't have to workout for two or three hours, but just get used to the heat."

Reports show most high school and college heat-related fatalities among athletes occur in the first four days of preseason practice.