Livingston man who left child at Walmart gets 5 years probation

Livingston man who left child at Walmart gets 5 years probation
Debbie Nelson (Source; Polk County Jail)
Debbie Nelson (Source; Polk County Jail)

LIVINGSTON, TX (KTRE) - A Livingston man has avoided jail time for now after pleading guilty to a case involving his 9-year-old son being left at Walmart.

Kenneth Nelson pleaded guilty to endangering a child on Tuesday and accepted a five-year probation sentence.

Nelson's wife, Debbie Aline Nelson, pleaded guilty to the same charge in August.

They were arrested in May after they were caught with K2 in their car when they showed up at the Livingston Police Department to pick up their child.

According to a previous story, the boy told police his mother went into Walmart to get a Moneygram. The boy said his dad was in the car with him, and when he asked if he could go to the restroom, his dad said yes, and the boy went inside.

When the boy's mother came back out, she got in the car, and they drove off. The boy told police that he came out and saw them driving away from the store.
At that point, the boy started chasing them.

Shoppers saw the boy on a median in the parking lot and called police. After Livingston police arrived on the scene and talked to the little boy, they tried to call his parents. When they didn't have any luck contacting them, they brought the boy to the police department and contacted Child Protective Services.

It took the boy's parents 40 minutes to show up at the police department after they had been called.

Debbie and Kenneth Nelson both appeared to be under the influence of some type of drug. The officers did a search of their car and found a partially smoked synthetic marijuana cigarette in the ash tray.

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