SFA history professor reacts to JFK documents

SFA history professor reacts to JFK documents
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Source: CNN

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The National Archives released previously classified documents related to President Kennedy's assassination in 1963. However some are still under lock and key.

Partial papers went live on the website, containing hundreds of pages of reports and conversations from CIA, FBI, and President Lyndon B. Johnson.

But, it's the batch of documents that we didn't get to see from the 1963 Kennedy assassination that is fueling theories, now. Or, so says BroOK Poston, Assistant Professor in the history department at SFA.

"It's always this argument, ok, well you've released these ten thousand documents, but what aren't you showing us," said Poston. "But, if you look at almost any event like it, you're going to find things that you just can't find the answers to."

One of the reports released showed that a lawyer asked the question whether the main suspect, Lee Harvey Oswald, was affiliated with the CIA or the FBI. An answer was not given.

"Most historians, when you really go in and look at everything involved with the Kennedy assassination, it's pretty obvious that Lee Harvey Oswald was acting by himself," said Poston. "It's pretty boring, but the evidence we have though on Lee Harvey Oswald, I'd venture to say, you'd get a conviction on almost any court of law."

Another piece of information have some theorists suggesting that Lyndon B. Johnson might have created the plot. But, Poston disagreed with this.

"Most politicians, they have self interest  at the top of their priority," said Poston. "And, while doing something like that to make yourself president might seem like it's in LBJ's best interest, I don't think he would have believed he could get away with it."

Should a conspiracy eventually be proven true, this professor would definitely be shocked,

"It would be one of the most amazing things in the history of the United States if people kept this conspiracy under wraps for as long as they have," said Poston.

Poston said that the documents have given him an interesting topic to talk about with his students.

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