Police Charge Woman In Couple's Stabbing

Folks in the 200 block of Mill Street say Jack Edwards' house is usually quiet. That was until Monday night.

Neighbor Tristan Ballard said, "I saw Ms. Shannon Hamilton run in the house, then she came back out and she left, and then she came back [around 10:00 p.m.], and she left. That's all I saw."

Jack Edwards was at home Monday night with two friends when 32-year-old Shannon Hamilton showed up. Edwards said Hamilton wasn't happy to see another woman in the house, so she grabbed a steak knife and stabbed the woman and Edwards over and over again.

"We [were] sitting there playing dominoes and this one lady came over and got irate because another lady was here, and before I looked up, she was stabbing her," Edwards said. "I tried to break it up and I got a few stabs myself."

Edwards called Hamilton a negative person, but says he never saw the attack coming.

He was stabbed in the chest, forehead, and nose. His friend, Rosalyn McKelvy, was stabbed in the head, arms, leg, and breast.

Edwards and his friend are okay.

Shannon Hamilton is in the Angelina County jail charged with aggravated assault and evading arrest. She drove off after the attack, but police later arrested her on Lotus Lane.