Abandoned mobile home disrupts Jasper County community

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

JASPER COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - For almost five months, the members of Erin's Baptist Church in Jasper County have been plagued by an unpleasant sight. However, instead of locusts or famine, these church goers and the community around them have been stuck with an abandoned mobile home.

Community and church members like deacon, Roy Morgan, said that the mobile home is slowly falling apart. Its caved-in roof and broken windows draw attention away from the church behind it.

"We've spent thousands of dollars on that piece of property and cleaned it up," Morgan said. "There was a thicket there. Got it looking pretty good. Then, they come move that load of trash in there."

He said that he immediately started making calls when he realized the home had been abandoned.

"First called the police station," Morgan said. "And, they told me that was TxDOT that was supposed to take care of that."

The Texas Department of Transportation confirmed that the area is their responsibility and said that they are in the process of moving the structure.

"And went up there and called about three or four times and the last time, they said, well, there's someone out of Beaumont that's supposed to handle it," Morgan said.

TxDOT added that the delay is largely due to the mobile home not being a traffic hazard. Morgan said that he feels like it poses a different type of threat.

"It's been kids going in there," Morgan said. "They've shot the windows out. And, if you've looked in it, they could be hurt just inside."

Also, nearby business owner Geneva Holt said she is concerned for her own safety.

"Well, it's pretty bad, but it bothers me just the people that go there because you don't know who's going down there," Holt said. "And, we're having to live here close to it. And, you know, we kind of get afraid on the weekends especially."

As of Tuesday, TxDOT said that they don't have a definite date for the removal.

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