Many Teenagers Using Supplements

by Jessica Cervantez

A famous baseball player has been suspended for using steroids. Rafael Palmerio will sit out ten games, but pro-athletes are not the only ones using steroids, many teenagers are also experimenting with performance enhancing drugs.

19-year-old Erick Jenkins not only works at the gym, he also works out there several times a week. Protein shakes are the only supplement he uses.

He says it basically gives him fuel for his body.

Jenkins doesn't believe in using steroids. But says he knows other teenagers who do.

Jenkins said, "They are kind of looked down upon, we laugh at them because they are basically doing it the cheap way."

When teenagers come to Livewell, trainers try to educate them about the best ways to get fit, by using work out methods that do not involve steroids.

Health experts say any parent who has children in sports should talk to them about the down side of using steroids and other drugs. That education can often keep them away from potential danger.

Bryan Compton, of the Livewell Athletic Club, said, "Parents who have athletes who have a potential to play in college or in high school should talk to their children about their work out."

In a recent survey, 8% of girls and 12% of boys admitted using some type of supplement. Protein shakes and powders are the most common.