Atkins Craze Looses It's Steam

Weight loss giant Atkins is filing for bankruptcy. The main reason, declining sales of its low carb products. So, with fewer people on the Atkins Diet, what is the next big thing in weight loss?

The answer might be simpler than you think.

Say goodbye to cutting carbs. Now that low carb diets like Atkins seem to have lost their popularity, what's going to take their place?

"It's hard to look into the future as to what the diet community is going to do, but I really think the most effective way to loose weight as dietitians have been teaching a long time, which is making lifestyle changes that will help you maintain your normal weight." says dietitian Peggilu Watkins with Memorial Hospital.

In other words, eat less and exercise more.

Many in the health industry have been watching people turn away from counting carbs. The new focus, is on eating more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

"As far as the Atkins Diet and things like that, they've tremendously dropped off. People are going back more to the fruits and grains trying to get back on the nature side of things other than trying to eat a candy bar, even the South Beach diet is gone at this time." says Brookshire Brothers manager David Wilson.

Now, not only is Atkin's hurting, but other low-carb companies and their distributors are also dealing with financial problems. Many expanded their product lines too fast, hoping the low carb craze was here to stay.