Jasper County man calls 911, IDs self as arsonist

Jasper County man calls 911, IDs self as arsonist

Kirbyville, TX (KTRE) - After saying he had seen his daughter for the last time, a Kirbyville man told 911 he had set fire to a downtown building, according to the police chief.

Matthew Charles Braddock, 30, is charged with arson and resisting arrest.

Kirbyville Police Chief Paul Brister said 911 received a call the night of Oct. 27 from Braddock, who told dispatch "he was going to see his daughter for the last time and then he said he had set the fire."

Brister said the fire he was referring to was on Main Street, which fire personnel had just been called to.

Brister said the fire destroyed the downtown building and was started with a gas accelerant.

Braddock was arrested after he was found walking north on US 96.

Although he had outed himself as the arsonist, he still resisted arrest when officers caught up to him, Brister said.

Brister said he did not know the correlation between Braddock's daughter and the fire.

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