School Choice-Does School Choice Really Matter?

It does. Many of today’s schools are underperforming, and children’s futures are at stake. This is their one shot at a quality education. We need to take careful aim before we take that shot on their behalf.
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    Maybe your child is in a public school and you long for enough money to put him in a private school.

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    Maybe your child is in a private school, and you wish you could home school, but you’re working full time.

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    Maybe you’re home schooling and know your child needs more.

Whatever the need, whatever the reason, you have a choice to make.

There are cautions and considerations for every type of school choice. Count the cost before disrupting your child's current school situation or choosing his very first school experience.

We all have goals for our children. We all have our own philosophy of education. Our actions are a result of what we believe. What kind of person do you hope and pray your child will grow to become? His schooling choice should nurture that goal and not hinder it.

If your child is currently enrolled in school, you can ask yourself some critical questions to determine whether or not it furthers the goals you have for your child.

Be grateful that choices exist. It may have seemed easier when there weren't such choices, but it wasn't always better. Some of our children have greater needs than their neighborhood school can meet.

Choices create competition, which raises the level of excellence. Choice is a good thing. One of the beauties of choice is that nothing is written in stone. You can always choose again if circumstances or the needs of your child change.

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