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After deadly shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas pastors in Angelina County speak out on importance of security


Pastor Wilke, Pastor of Carpenter’s Way, is describing the shooting that took place in Sutherland Springs every pastor's nightmare.

“You get into ministry to support people to encourage people to equip them and build them up with their relationship with the Lord. You know security has become something in recent years that most pastors deal with intentionally and when something like that happens it’s un-nerving”, said Pastor Wilke. 

At Carpenter’s Way Pastor Wilke believes that security is the best way to protect his members. 

“It is a responsibility no matter how large or small and now we know that even more. You have to secure your gathering or people will stop coming”, said Wilke. 

Wilke said security is not only for active shooter situations, but for healthy measures.

“There is a process in which anything is dealt with from a heart attack in the middle of the service to somebody that's coming up to disrupt”, said Wilke. 

Cindy Duran is a Pastor at Kelty's first united Methodist church. She says churches just now thinking of security are behind. 

“This is just a reminder to my church that we need to be careful”, said Duran, 

Duran says her church has been taken precautions for several years now. In fact, she took a course through the Angelina Sheriff's Department on safety measurements in the church.

“That course was extremely helpful there were things we had not thought of and things we knew we should be doing that we weren't that we began to do”, said Duran.

Duran said one thing she learned through the course was keeping only one door unlocked when service is in session. 

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