Crockett ISD in process to purchase old State School

Crockett ISD in process to purchase old State School
Source: KTRE

CROCKETT, TX (KTRE) - The Crockett City Council voted Monday to allow Crockett ISD to buy the property and building, where the Crockett State School once operated out of.

According to Crockett City Secretary, Mitzi Thompson, the proposition passed on a 3-2 vote.

The property and facility were placed under the City of Crockett's authority, after the closure, in 2011.

Superintendent Terry Myers said this is a decision the school board has been hoping for. 
"It just kind of started as a vision that the school board and I have had from the beginning. We wanted to make decisions not just based on what's good for our school, but what's good for our city as well as our county and our entire community", said Myers. 
The plan they're making is to use the vacant buildings as a career and technical facility.
Myers said, "We would like to have certified folks come out and teach something that can have a certificated ending, so that a child could wind up with a certificate that says I have a particular level of expertise."
Myers mentioned he wants the schooling to be free and open to the public. 
Mayor Joni Clonst said she wasn't allowed to vote, but is content with the decision. 
"If children from our community go to these schools and learn a trade that's going to be good and that will help them in life because if there's no training what are they going to do", said Clonst. 
Clonst believes this new program will also help build the local economy. 
The city and school district attorneys have to meet for paperwork, but afterwards the district can start making preparations. 
As for the school district they say the next step will be moving the transportation and maintenance departments into the new facility.
 The new program should be up and running by next school year.

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