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Search for Lufkin Dollar Store shooter continues

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Source: KTRE Source: KTRE

Lufkin Police Department's involvement with the attempted robbery and then fatal shooting, at Dollar General, started that Friday night and has not ended, according to Lieutenant Mike Shapaka.

"We have a few pieces of forensic evidence that we're still going to send off," said Shapaka. "We're looking at some names that were called in already."

In the last few days, the police station's number along with Crime Stopper's has been shared right along with the surveillance footage, from that night. 

Shapaka said that these tips are more important than normal, due to difficulty of this particular case. 

"Clothes with mask and gloves, with the whole outfit on, as you see robber do, unless there's something that happens, or something that's left, or someone actually sees him, or there's a mistake made, those are pretty tough," said Shapaka.

In Shapaka's over thirty years with LPD, he's seen his far share of robberies.

"Luckily we were able to solve most of them, some are out there still lingering and we haven't been able to solve them," said Shapaka. "I'm hoping this is not one of them and we can obtain the evidence and be able to make an arrest."

While searching for a lead, police noticed significant similarities in a robbery and shooting, at a Dollar General in Dallas. 

"It happened Monday night, I believe," said Shapaka. "A person walked in, had a mask on, gun, demanded money from the clerk, and she was trying to abide by what he asked her for and he shot her and ran out."

LPD has not yet made contact with Dallas PD, but Shapaka said they will keep trying. 

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