Sales Tax Holiday Can Be Confusing

Texas retailers are gearing up for a sales tax holiday. It starts Friday and goes on through Sunday. For three days, shoppers will not be charged sales tax on most clothing items. But, there are some exceptions.

Texas families are expected to save about 47 million dollars by shopping during the upcoming sales tax holiday. But, it can get a little confusing when it comes to knowing what will be tax-free, and what will remain taxed.

Pretty much any clothing including shirts, pants, jeans, caps, and even socks and underwear will be tax free. But, items like athletic clothing, handbags and other accessories including jewelry, will be taxed.

Tennis and most other casual shoes will be tax free, but cleated shoes like football or golf shoes will not. There's also a limit on the cost of items you buy. If an item costs more than one hundred dollars, that item will be taxed, whether it's on the tax-free list or not. But some things are just downright perplexing.

Just about every kid needs a backback for school, and they will be taxed as usual this weekend. However, diapers will be sold tax-free.

To help out, some retailers will be supplying customers with a list of the tax-free merchandise they'll be selling.

Confusion or not tax free or not, it's hoped both retailers and consumers will reap the rewards of this weekend's sales tax holiday.