Local Video Stores May Not Be Seeing Slump

The movie business is in a slump. Nationwide, fewer people are going to the movies these days. And movie rentals are also down.

In fact Blockbuster Video just announced its second quarter was hurt by poor DVD releases. That is raising concerns about the rest of the year.

So what about movie goers and movie renters in East Texas? One video retailer tells us demand depends a lot on what's out there.

"Whenever there's not like a whole bunch of new movies that come out, we won't get no business. But here lately we've got a bunch of new movies that came out, and that's like mainly where we're getting our business from." says William Limbrick of Vision Video.

An employee at Carmike Cinema in Lufkin told us their business has been pretty steady.

They haven't experienced the slump that many in the movie business are reporting.