Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 11/09/17

Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 11/09/17

El Ranchero at 123 King: 10 demerits for cap needed for bleach, back flow preventer needed for outside hose, one spatula needed to be discarded, vents not kept clean, dumpster lids not kept closed, and walls, floor, or ceilings needed to be repaired.

Asian City at 2732 North Street: 10 demerits for backflow preventer needed for outside hose, foods not stored properly in cooler and freezer, screen door and other entries and exits needed to be weatherproofed, ice scoops stored improperly, floors in dining room not kept swept, areas in food prep area needed to be repaired, and employee drinks in foods prep area weren't in non-spillable containers.

Big's Deli and Grill at 2430 Southeast Stallings Drive: chicken strips not at minimum hot hold temperature, two spray bottles labeled incorrectly, one milk product needed to be discarded, employee chewing gum in food prep area, and scoops not stored properly.

Taqueria El Jaliscience at 4512 North Street: 8 demerits for all spray bottles not labeled, back flow preventer needed for outside hose, ice scoop not kept in clean container, and water-damaged ceiling tiles needed to be replaced or repaired.

Big's Convenience Store at 2430 Southeast Stallings Drive; 7 demerits for date marking needed for sandwiches, thermometer not provided for ice cream freezer, vents not kept clean, scattered trash around dumpster, and areas that were not smooth and easily cleanable.

El Coco Loco at 930 South Street: 7 demerits for two drink products needed to be discarded, hand towels needed at hand wash sink, one knife needed to be replaced because it wasn't smooth and easily cleanable, and wall areas not smooth and easily cleanable.

Taco Bueno at 1821 North Street: 4 demerits for thermometer not provided for prep cooler, dumpster lids not kept closed, walls, and floor, or other areas in need of repair.

McDonald's at 3120 North University Drive: 4 demerits for cap needed for spray bottle, one spray bottle needed to be re-labeled, and dumpster lids not kept closed.

Blue Horse Bakery at 112 North Church: 3 demerits for paper towels needed at hand sink and vents and ceiling areas not kept clean.

Thumper's at 4515 North Street, Suite 2: 1 demerit for lower vent not kept clean.

Ice Ice Baby: 2504 South Street: 0 demerits.