Angelina College stages disaster simulation for health students

Angelina College stages disaster simulation for health students
Source: KTRE
Source: KTRE
Source: KTRE

Angelina College surprised their second-year, Health Career students, yesterday, with a simulation of a post-tornado disaster situation.

Winifred Adams, the associate dean of instruction for the Health Career programs, described the task set before her students.

"They're going to get a call," said Adams. "They're going to be told to come to this building. There has been a tornado. And, there job is to be who they are."

The EMS students were then instructed with clearing the building of people, role-playing as wounded.

"Healthcare is about stress," said Adams. "It is not sit at the desk and take care at a chart. It is taking care of real patients, who have real problems."

The injured, also played by health students, were then transported to the triage area for immediate treatment.

"If our students, who are the healthcare providers, do not respond to whatever their problem is, they've been instructed, don't give them any slack," said Adams.

Playing the role of the injured gave younger students, like Jessica Lowery, something exciting to look forward to.

"I couldn't imagine being an actual patient in an actual tornado," said Lowery. I mean, it's chaotic, but they're pretty organized for it to be so chaotic.

For this student, that time couldn't come sooner.

"That's what we're here for and I'm excited to be able to do that," said Lowery. "I mean, it is high pressure situations but that's what they train us for."

The Health Career section at AC includes 8 programs. All of which will go on to perform in some kind of emergency situation.

"And, that's what simulation is about," said Adams. "It's about them being able to critically think and process, what do I do now, according to the symptoms that the patient is exhibiting."

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