Angelina College taking steps to remove asbestos found in old flooring

Angelina College taking steps to remove asbestos found in old flooring
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Angelina College is taking steps to remove asbestos found in its buildings.

Several months ago, talks began of remodeling the Math and Science Building officials said they located flooring material contaminated by asbestos.

"Anytime there's a remodeling, we'll do a study," said Steve Capps, physical plant director.

Results concluded evidence of asbestos found in the Math and Science Building along with the president's house after a study was initiated.

"It's mainly at the floor tile, the mastic that the floor tile is glued down with is actually encapsulated with in the mastic, so it's not a huge risk," Capps said.

 In other words, because the multiple fibers of asbestos were found intact, it posed no significant health risk to students and staff.

Vice President of Business Affairs Chris Sullivan said anytime there are renovations, buildings are examined to determine presence of asbestos.

"Generally any building of this age, it was built in an era where they used asbestos materials," Sullivan said. "Those materials are not harmful unless they're disturbed. So all the building where those materials may exist, they're fine until we disturb it. We disturbed them, and now they have to be re-mediated."

Now the abatement period begins to remove the material from the buildings.

"When they're prepared to do the actual abatement, they will create a containment area and create a negative pressure inside of it, and there will be air samples every 10 minutes to check the air, so pretty safe," Capps said.

This will bring the Math and Science Building up to state and federal regulations. During that time, most math and science classes have been moved to different parts of the campus.

The abatement for asbestos containing materials is scheduled to begin on the week of November 27.

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