Texas Board of Education president comments on financial system

Texas Board of Education president comments on financial system
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Texas Board of Education President Donna Bahorich took the time during her visit to Burley Primary School in Lufkin, to touch on a subject that recently went to the Supreme Court.

Texas' system of school finances was brought to court, under questions of its constitutionality.

The financial system currently relies on local property taxes to fund facilities, staff salaries, and supplies for students.

Some believe that this gives high income areas a step ahead of lower income areas. Despite the system being ruled constitutional, a committee has been set up to create another system. Bahorich is excited for the change this committee will bring.

"The various poverty challenges that we have when we have 60 percent of our students are economically disadvantaged," Bahorich said. "It creates a need to diversify for sure in the way that we do funding. But, it can't be too complicated that it really is not serving the purpose that its meant to serve."

This committee is expected to create a plan by the end of 2018. This allows the next legislature to review and act upon it in 2019.

Former Lufkin ISD School Board president Kevin Ellis will be a part of this committee.

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