ACSO heading into fifth year of DEA program to combat marijuana

ACSO heading into fifth year of DEA program to combat marijuana
Photo: KTRE
Photo: KTRE

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - The Angelina County Sheriff's Office begins its fifth season of combating marijuana growth in East Texas.

On Tuesday, the county commissioner's approved a request by the sheriff's office for a grant application to aid in Domestic Marijuana Eradication.

Continuing their efforts, East Texas law enforcement is takings steps to spot pot fields across the region.

"It's a cash crop and people still grow it illegally and sell and it's our job to eradicate it," said Captain Alton Lenderman, with the sheriff's office.

The grant of $400,000 is financed by the DEA and distributed among the surrounding counties in Angelina County. The commissioner's court approved for the department to apply for the grant making it their fifth year. Lenderman said the key is continuing to make progress.

"Really like any type of drug enforcement, you'll never really do away with it because there's always someone trying to beat the system," Lenderman said. "But you have to make a consistent effort or if you don't it will get out of control.

The air operations aspect help spot places where the plants could be growing.

"We work in conjunction with the DEA through the East Texas area, we take and we gather information about marijuana grows or any drug activity," Lenderman said. "We funnel that information to the air crew."

The air crew uses that information to help verify where there could potentially be illegal activity.

Lenderman said they're heading into their fifth season of the task force making a full out effort to help keep the region under control.

"If we weren't doing this and there was no enforcement, it would blatant then," Lenderman said.

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