Early Shoppers Beat Tax-Free Holiday Crowds

by Jessica Cervantez

The busy tax-free weekend starts Friday in Texas. But, many East Texans have already started shopping. That is because they don't want to fight the crowds.

Regina Locke of Corrigan said, "I would rather pay the extra tax and not fight the crowds."

Two East Texas families are already hitting the stores. In fact, many of the people the East Texas News spoke to had one reason for shopping now, staying away from the weekend crowds.

Locke said, "I don't do the crowds very well, and I know the rush is going to be on."

Shopping early means not getting the tax free discount. But, many of the mothers out buying don't think it is enough savings to wait in line later.

Julie Warner, also of Corrigan, said, "It's going to be busy this weekend, and I didn't want to fight the crowds, competition, and not find what the kids want."

Lots of stores already have sales going on, and the early shoppers are taking advantage of them.

Even the mayor of Lufkin, made a stop at academy.

Louis Bronaugh said, "The city takes a little a tax hit, but certainly it will stimulate sales and therefore we're for it."

Academy's store director is among the retailers noticing the rush of early shoppers.

Kevin Guillory said, "We've seen a few come in and out, but I think most people will wait until the date, Friday. We open 8 at o'clock so we'll be ready."

For a complete list of what is and isn't on the tax-free list you can go to www.window.state.tx.us