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Gift of Love: Bryan

Bryan wants to be adopted Bryan wants to be adopted
Bryan is looking for the Gift of Love Bryan is looking for the Gift of Love
Bryan wants to be a police officer Bryan wants to be a police officer
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It was a behind the scenes tour for 8-year-old Bryan at the Tyler Police Department. He enjoyed meeting the chief and learning about all the areas of the police department. This 2nd graders already has his future planned.

"Police officer," Bryan said.

But first Bryan plans to be in the military, then a police officer. And after that maybe become an FBI agent.

When not thinking about his future, Bryan likes to enjoy watching his favorite super heroes on T.V.

"Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Captain America and Green Lantern," Bryan said.

When asked about what type of adoptive family he would like, Bryan says he would like to have a big family that is active. Bryan would love to go to Six Flags. He loves the outdoors and wants his new family to take him camping.

"To go watch movies, what else would you like to do? Go camping," Bryan said.

Bryan enjoys Legos, riding the scooter and riding his bike. He enjoys video games and would like to play soccer. Bryan says he would also like to go to the beach or even live there.

"Because you get to swim every day," Bryan said.

Bryan is a friendly child with a big heart. He struggles some with auditory processing and his responses at times can be slow, although they are well thought out responses.

Bryan needs a family that can help him progress in this area.

Bryan has a big brother that he loves. At this time, the plan is for the boy to be adopted separately but Bryan and his brother both need to have contact regularly. They have been the only constant in each other’s lives for a long time so this is very important to both of them. It's also important that Bryan find his forever family, that can show him the Gift of Love.

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