Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 11/16/17

Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 11/16/17

Taco Bell at 2214 S. First Street: 8 demerits for damaged ceiling screen needed to be repaired, damaged floor tile near fryers needed to be repaired, personal drinks didn't have lids, general clean of floor drain below prep sink needed to be clean, general clean of bulk item containers needed, scoops with handles needed, walk-in floor needed to be cleaned, food handler certifications not up to date, and food manager not on site.

CJ's Café at 2264 FM 706: 6 demerits absorbent surfaces used to store food (raw beef stored on paper towels), proper date marking needed, vent hood needed to be cleaned, and water on storage room floors needed to be cleaned up.

Chicken Express at 3711 South Medford: 5 demerits for scoops with handles needed, damaged ceiling tile in lobby needed to be repaired, hot hold at wrong temperature, and lids placed on containers at make table units.

Cotton Patch at 3207 South First Street: 5 demerits for personal drinks didn't have lids and/or weren't stored separately from food prep area, can opener needed to be cleaned, ice machine needed to be cleaned, sanitizer concentration in dishwasher needed to be increased, damaged ceiling at vent needed to be repaired, damaged ceiling tiles in lobby and dining room area needed to be repaired, knives needed to be washed, rinses, and sanitized.

La Unica at 1614 North Raguet: 3 demerits for general clean of vent hoods and hanging rack needed.

Pizza Hut at 214 S. Timberland: 3 demerits for damaged ceiling around rusted ceiling vent needed to be repaired, fan covers needed to be repaired, fan on make table needed to be repaired, door handle to walk-in cooler needed to be repaired, and dead roaches observed in restroom.

Chipotle at 1813 Tulane Drive: 2 demerits for hot hold at wrong temperature.

Sonic at 467 Highway 69 North: 0 demerits.

Los Jarritos Mexican Restaurant at 589 N. Main, Huntington: 0 demerits.