The POWER Team Spreads The Message

by Jessica Cervantez

Not only are they powerful and strong, their message is too. They are called the POWER team. One of the team members spoke to some Lufkin kids encouraging them to make right choices.

Jack Little is a former SFA basketball player and is 6'6" tall. He's showing the group of kids just how strong he is by tearing phone books, breaking a bat, and rolling up a frying pan.

But, his message is much more than that.

Little said, "Sometimes you have got to believe in yourself, when everybody says your crazy, sometimes you have to believe in yourself."

He wants kids to make good decisions and aim for their goals.

Little got to where he is, after a turning point in his life.

Little said, "After basketball, I went through a dismal point in my life, I struggled with identity. To make a long story short, I went through a divorce, ended up in the county jail, and got saved."

Now, he gets paid to break things, talk to children, hoping to make a difference in their lives.

Little is also planning to visit local boys and girls clubs to continue spreading his message.