Evacuees Allowed To Go Home

Some Garrison residents are back in their homes Friday night following Thursday's natural gas well blowout. The well blew about 2 p.m.. Twenty five hours later about 30 people living nearby were allowed to return to their homes.

Several unsuccessful attempts were made during the night to pack mud into the drilling hole. A Houston company that specializes in capturing the high pressure went to work on the problem.

Nacogdoches County is having a 'drilling boom.' Residents living near rigs are being advised to be prepared in case of accidents. Emergency coordinator Robert Hurst suggested, "When they leave they always need to take provisions for over night or 12 hours at least, including medications because we never know. We never know until the company actually gets on sight and begins to look at the disaster."

Hurst is pleased with how the accident was handled by emergency crews. He said the Railroad Commission will determine if the company responded in a timely manner.