Fish Camp

School songs, twirlers and silly cheers. Welcome to high school Fish Camp. The class of '09 follows a long line of former fish, but they are the first to learn in the new 9th grade center, dubbed Freshman Academy.

"We're gonna go right through here so you can get your ID's next," instructed an upperclassman. They had to learn the new center quickly in order to show the way.

The new center that has plenty of room for the 550 freshmen. 9th grade assistant principal Lisa Fuller said, "We have two classrooms that aren't even full all day. They didn't miss a beat when they designed this building. The hallways are wide. There are a lot of windows. There's a lot of open space."

The new building and Fish Camp are expected to help set the tone for a successful school year, right down to following all the rules. "If you break the dress code you will be automatically sent to ISS. No changing, no going home," warned one senior.

Studies prove that if the first year is enjoyable the student is more likely to finish high school in four years. A primary goal already set by some. Freshman Timothy Hartman said he's concentrating on one thing while in high school. "Just trying to finish it. That's all I'm trying to do."

Upperclassman advise their younger peers to have a good time a long the way. Senior Alyssa Laurich suggested, "Have fun with it all because it's an awesome experience to be in high school. And the time goes back fast. "More than you would expect," agreed Laurich.