Lufkin shoppers give their perspective on average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner

Lufkin shoppers give their perspective on average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The cost of a Thanksgiving dinner is at a five-year low according to a new report from the American Farm Bureau Federation.

They're saying a turkey and all the fixings will cost around $49.12 for a group of 10, but Lufkin native Janet Edwards said that's not enough to feed a whole family during this holiday.

"I don't believe you can feed a family of 10 for $50," Edwards said.

Edwards said Thanksgiving shopping for her has been very expensive. She spent $248 Wednesday.

She said she doesn't know how a cost so low can feed many people.

"If you're getting turkey, ham, dressing, and potato salad and everything I don't believe you can make it with that much," Janet Edwards said.

While some shoppers believe $49 can't get you turkey and all the fixings, others believe in the power of budgeting.

"It can happen. You just have to sit down budget and plan how you're going to spend it and feed 10 people," said another Janet Edwards.

Janet Edwards said it's possible to only spend $49 towards a Thanksgiving meal, but  a traditional Thanksgiving meal wouldn't make the cut, so buying alternatives would help feed a family of 10 on Thanksgiving

"You might not have the old traditional way of doing it with a turkey and all that but it can be done. You can buy a bag of cornbread meal, and you can buy your celery and bell pepper," Edwards said.

Another shopper said regardless of what's on the menu, being thankful for what you have is what Thanksgiving is all about.

The American Farm Bureau Federation said the low price is largely due to the declining cost of turkey.

The average cost of a 16-pound turkey this year was just over $22. 
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