Ninth Grade Building Opens In Nacogdoches

It all started from a bond issue passed back in 2001. The new Nacogdoches ninth grade campus officially opened its doors Saturday.

Along with NISD administrators and board members, State Representative Roy Blake and Texas Education Commissioner Dr. Shirley Neely were on hand to welcome the public with an official ribbon cutting ceremony.

NISD superintendent Dr. Tony Riehl says ninth graders will not only benefit from having a separate wing of their own, but will help the whole campus for safety reasons.

 "In this day and age, it is very important that you have that -- that you can get everyone into one place, as opposed to spreading them out in the cafeteria, and the band hall, and the auditorium, you know, the library, and in the gym and so forth," says Dr. Tony Riehl, NISD superintendent.

Following Saturday's ribbon cutting, the public was invited to take a tour of the new building.

School starts in Nacogdoches on August 15th.