Lufkin veteran gives meals to those who have served on Thanksgiving

Lufkin veteran gives meals to those who have served on Thanksgiving

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - One veteran in Lufkin is handing our meals to those who have served.
He's knocking on doors to serve hot meals. The veteran said he's thankful for their service where he gets a chance to learn their stories.
Donn Turner, a navy veteran, is thankful the men and women who have served.

Being inspired by other veterans he said he understands how much a meal like this means.

"I mean it's my little part that I can do to pay the respect and honor to all the men and women that wore the uniform," said Turner.

From honoring those men and women sprung the idea of helping other veterans out during the holiday, especially the ones without families.

"We have veterans, unfortunately that's living on the streets because of what they have been through and post-traumatic stress disorder," Turner said.

With each knock sparked a conversation. Catching on old stories bringing back sentimental memories.

Turner said, "You don't meet a veteran stranger. I'm going to tell you that right now. Every time we meet, we veterans meet we talk and enjoy each other's company."

All rooted from the gesture of handing out meals.

The disabled veteran said even though it's tough to afford the meals on his own, he hopes more people will action.

"It will be nice if everybody in Angelina County would get up and stand behind a vet and show them how much they are appreciated it," Turner said.

Turner is planning a similar event during Christmas time to pass out meals along with laying wreaths.

This will be a ceremony where a wreath is placed on a veteran's grave and their name is remembered.
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