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Residents of Trinity complain of dirty, tap water

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Source: KTRE Source: KTRE
Source: KTRE Source: KTRE

Complaints of dirty, tap water have been popping up in Trinity, for the last few months. 

Those affected have taken to social media, posting pictures of filled bath tubs and clothes dirtied by the discolored water. 

Trinity resident, Dawnelle Perry, said that they water has her worried about her family's safety.

"With the water turning brown and being scared to bathe your children or cook or drink it," said Perry.

A boil water notice was not found to be posted for the Trinity area, but locals are still upset.

"We paid good money for the water, and I think that we should have something in return," said Perry. 

Trinity Chief of Police, Steven Jones, has dealt with the dirty water as well, as said that, as the problem arose, he immediately went to check the water holding tank.

"You have three wells that are pumping water continuously to this storage tank," said Jones. "That water is going in there, getting filtered, we add chlorine to it, it get's sent to town. It's a very simple process."

According to Jones, two of the three wells stopped pumping water. One was hit by lighting during Hurricane Harvey. Later on, another malfunctioned when a squirrel caused the power line, connected to the pump, to fry.

"Your water is getting lower and the sediment at the bottom is there and it's getting concentrated," said Jones. "And, when we did finally get the pump back up and running, it's like pouring water into that fish tank. It stirred up all that sediment."

The holding tank is cleaned every year, around this time, which Jones said he thinks added to the level of sediment. The cleaning will take place December 6. A report will be taken from that cleaning, which city officials are then obligated to send to the state government. 

Jones added that the Avalon nursing home in Trinity had a representative from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality come out to test the water. They are also scheduled to do their quarterly test on December 1.

"TCEQ is a state regulatory that come and regulates it, they've came and tested one of our nursing homes as safe to drink," said Jones.

City officials encourage people to be patient while the system gets itself back to normal. 

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